Please see below for more info about my experience, skills and abilities.

SEO (On-pages and Off-pages)
                           -  Title Tag w/ Your Keyword
                           -  Modifiers To Your Title
                           -  SEO Friendly URL's
                           -  Title In An H1 Tag
                           -  Subheadings In H2 Tag
                           -  Keyword In First 100 Words
                           -  Responsive Designs
                           -  Use Outbound Links
                           -  Internal Links
                           -  Boost Site Speed
                           -  Image Optimization
                           -  Social Media Sharing

Note:  I learned a lot by self-studying online and take some SEO seminars, I applied it as a freelancer and I’m thankful it’s working but honestly it’s really takes time and it depends on keyword competitors to get more visitors, also there another way to get more visitors like using social media marketing etc.

                           -  Articles For Blogging (submit to article directories)
                           -  Content For Bookmarking
                           -  Social Media Networking
                           -  Video Marketing Strategy
                           -  Social Bookmarking
                           -  Forum Backlinking (share/ask info’s)
                           -  Directory Submission
                           -  Etc.

Note:  From my experience you should only use white hat only, I mean you should search your competitors backlinks first and apply it also on your site and add some things that they didn’t do related to your niche so that it would be a big impact on your site.  There are many strategies on SEO off-pages that’s why, for Me, I need to experiment and find any ways to make my work effective.  

Data Entry / Admin Support (Experience)
                           -  Creating Gmail Accounts Using Read Hide IP / Proxy Switcher
                           -  Data Entry Excel
                           -  Put the data from excel to a database
                           -  Data Entry and Web Admin
                           -  Data Entry of Statistics Tables
                           -  Excel Formatting and PDF to Excel Conversion
                           -  Copy tables available in Excel or PDF format to Excel format
                           -  Data Entry Getting Votes
                           -  Voting and leaving messages in discussion boards
                           -  Craigslist Posting
                           -  Posting on craigslist in USA
                           -  Handwritten Information’s transfer to CRM
                           -  Copying the information like names, address, work etc. and transfer it to the crm.
                           -  I’m the one who create gmail accounts to use it on creating social media for marketing and input the information on google spreadsheet
                           -  I’m the one who create social bookmarking accounts using proxy switcher and entered into a web form in a custom system.
                           -  I’m the one who enter the data from statistics tables in PDF form into table form into Microsoft Excel

Web Research (Lead Generations)
                           -  Searching Names
                           -  Searching Emails
                           -  Searching Phone Numbers
                           -  Searching Company
                           -  Searching Restaurant Menus

Note:  My experience on CRI Company is a big help as a freelancer and I use the internet searching techniques like using the “-“ , “” , “+” etc.  Also using the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn is a big HELP especially when you found the website of the Company/Owner